The Call to Live an Artist’s Life – Day 55

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 55 of the 365 Days Project is by Monique Rutherford.]

Ceramic sculpture by Monique Rutherford
“Carquinez Strait” by Monique Rutherford. Photo courtesy ©Monique Rutherford.

When you’re called to walk the artist’s path…

#55 – The call to live an artist’s life is like a song you can’t get out of your head. You are inexplicably drawn to it over and over until you finally admit, “Yes, I am an artist.”

Monique Rutherford’s ceramic work is raw and beautiful. Her story on how she was drawn to the artist’s path, and found her mentor, is equally powerful and touching.

“Halfway through my first year of high school, I discovered a way to break into the art room during lunch. One hour spent each day drawing, painting and simply exploring new mediums became the best part of my day.

But one afternoon, the art teacher found me in his classroom.

He didn’t throw me out, though. He just walked past me and opened his locked closet. He put a record on the turntable and the most wonderful music I had ever heard began to play. He turned up the volume, motioned for me to carry on and we both worked quietly and intently throughout that hour.

He encouraged me to close my eyes and open my heart and do whatever felt right. He taught me to trust what I felt inside – that it was the journey that was important.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that day proved to be the most profound and wonderful turning point in my life.”

I wish there were more art teachers like Rutherford’s, who recognized her as an artist and gave her the ultimate gift of encouragement that is so dear to anyone whose creative tendencies are just beginning to emerge.

And I congratulate Monique Rutherford for taking that encouragement and running with it so that we may now be inspired by her deep and powerful work.

Ceramic vase by Monique Rutherford
“Ewer” by Monique Rutherford. Photo courtesy ©Monique Rutherford.

Monique Rutherford’s artwork can be viewed at: Monique Rutherford

Description of the images included in this post:
Carquinez Strait
Monique Rutherford, California, USA
Stretched clay slab, quartz inlay. Wood fired.

Monique Rutherford, California, USA
Coiled clay, quartz inlay. Wood fired.

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