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Artful Vagabond Magazine began in 2006 as an artful travel blog by artist Serena Kovalosky featuring spontaneous road trips and visits to artists’ studios.

In 2012, Serena launched The 365 Days Project which evolved into interviews with artists around the world. The project has become a touchstone for regular and new visitors who are turning to creative thinking and discovering new ways to navigate these changing times.

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Serena Kovalosky Art & Garden Journal

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The Eco-Garden Project is a multidisciplinary exploration of plants, history and humanity. Experiments in gardening, foraging and rewilding are shared through sculpture, wildcrafting, storytelling and culinary arts.

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“This film is exactly what we are waiting for….a deep dive into art-making.”

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Serena Kovalosky Photo

Serena Kovalosky is the founder and creative force behind Artful Vagabond Productions. She is a professional sculptor, curator, writer and filmmaker who embraces an artful philosophy in business and life.


In the News

“Serena Kovalosky wants to do for art what Anthony Bourdain did for international food: guide her audience through an often unknown world until it’s accepted and maybe even embraced.”

The Rutland Reader

“Determined to extinguish the term ‘starving artist’ in our culture, Kovalosky encourages artists to live their passion and to stand up and own the fact that we do, indeed, think differently than the majority of the population, and that our way of ‘seeing’ is an asset.”

Art Animal

“Kovalosky continually engages her readers with uplifting stories of an artist’s life. Her blog is informative and empathetic to the legion of artists in her network.”

Northern Dipper

“Throughout our life we have heard people say that it is important to follow your dreams. The reality is that in order to do this one must look deep inside themselves to take that step of giving up a secure paycheque and a predictible lifestyle. To face the unpredictable and take that leap into the unknown, requires both courage and faith. Serena Kovalosky is one of those individuals.”