Film Series

“I wanted to produce a show that celebrates artists the way the Food Channel celebrates food,” says Serena Kovalosky who just finished filming an Artful Vagabond pilot last summer.

Artful Travel

An artful adventure awaits as Artful Vagabond will soon be offering immersive travel experiences to the studios of master artists!

Why Artists Wear Black

  I used to wear black at my exhibitions. Back when I lived in Montreal and was regularly touring the gallery circuit at the beginning of my career, I noticed that many artists wore black at their art openings like it was some sort of unwritten rule. I also saw that there were artists who wore... Continue Reading →

A Cheese for Truck Drivers

A Cheese for Truck Drivers It’s not about the cheese. Some time ago, I overheard a conversation in a Vermont country store about a special cheese that is produced – and sold – only in Vermont. A variety of excellent, locally-produced cheeses abound in the Green Mountain State, but this particular one caught my attention... Continue Reading →

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