What the Body Knows – Day 56

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 56 of the 365 Days Project is by Margaret Glew.]

Abstract painting by Margaret Glew.
“Without You” by Margaret Glew. Photo courtesy ©Margaret Glew.

When creation is a full-body experience…

#56 – The body knows how to create. It’s not just the providence of dancers. Painters, sculptors, photographers, weavers, writers, chefs and composers all create with their bodies. It’s the perfect artist’s tool.

A gestural painting workshop I took many years ago changed the way I thought about creating. On my first day, I was told to simply put brush to paper and see what emerged. I spent the whole session working on that one painting, tweaking here and there, changing this, perfecting that. Throughout the class, the instructor simply watched me work. She never said anything until the very end of the session. “That’s nice,” she said. “But the next time you come, I want you to do at least five paintings per class. Feel the brush strokes with your body, don’t try to control them with your mind.”

The body knows more than the mind. When I let go of what I think I need to do and drop down into my body to feel where to go with my work, it’s always right.

Margaret Glew’s paintings remind me of that day when I learned to use my body to create. When I take the time to truly explore her paintings, I can feel that movement in her work. “My paintings develop out of the painting process itself,” she said. “The work comes from my heart, my body – my eye and hand in direct communication with paint and canvas. It is a process that, like life itself, is full of contradictions.”

Abstract painting by Margaret Glew.
“Memories Seep From My Veins” by Margaret Glew. Photo courtesy ©Margaret Glew.

Margaret Glew’s artwork can be viewed at: Margaret Glew

Description of the images included in this post:
Without You
Margaret Glew, Ontario, Canada
Oil on canvas

Memories Seep From My Veins
Margaret Glew, Ontario, Canada
Oil on canvas

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