Function or Fine Art? – Day 354

Sculptors, ceramicists and other three-dimensional artists often decide early in their careers whether their goal is to produce work that is functional, or work that is research-oriented for the fine art world. Ceramics in particular is so often considered a “functional” medium, however there are artists who enjoy pushing the boundaries of that perception, experimenting... Continue Reading →

An Art for Commuters – Day 341

Anyone who has ever spent time commuting on a public transportation system knows the feeling of “being neither here nor there” while enroute to work or home. Waiting for a subway train to arrive, surrounded by others on their way to their individual destinations, we are in transition, detached from our surroundings and from each... Continue Reading →

Artful Relationships – Day 306

Creating art is a study in relationships – the artist’s creative process involves a constant weighing and balancing of the relationships between forms, colors and textures to create a final piece that resonates with integrity. Human relationships are much more complex and incorporating these issues into the creative context brings an additional set of challenges... Continue Reading →

A Wearable Canvas – Day 234

Artists are always looking for ways to expand their market while protecting the integrity of their work. Sculptors cast their sculptures in alternative materials while painters might create a series of limited-edition prints or find other unique ways to get their work out to a wider public. Richard Malinsky’s paintings are collected for their emotionally... Continue Reading →

Do Inner-City Kids Need Art? – Day 198

In recent years, art education has been on the front line of school budget cuts in the U.S., which raises the question: Is art really a necessary component of an effective educational curriculum? Ask the kids from a certain inner-city school in Chicago’s south side……. Meg Peterson is an artist with studios in Chicago and... Continue Reading →

Wild Thoughts and Bowls – Day 159

The expression of movement is always a challenge for those of us who work with the sculptural form – but when an artist transcends the grounded physicality of the medium, the result can be one of awe and surprise. Johnson Cheung-shing Tsang is a Hong Kong sculptor specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public... Continue Reading →

Embracing Diversity – Day 130

In most creative realms, trends are often what drives sales and, particularly in recent years, a majority of the large-scale, commercially-driven art, music, film and literature we consume is created from proven “formulas” and popular themes. I am always grateful to discover artists who explore subjects, themes and styles that are outside of the mainstream... Continue Reading →

Art Takes Time – Day 112

#101 – Art takes time to create and one must take the time to experience it. Here are more inspiring thoughts from previous essays: Day 108 - Should Art Match the Furniture? Day 114 - An Alphabet of Sand, Seaweed and Nails Day 82 - How to See with the Eyes of a Stranger Art... Continue Reading →

Art and Mysticism – Day 111

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 111 of the 365 Days Project is by Jina Wallwork.] Life, death, art, rebirth. Bringing the mysteries into the physical world. #111 – Artists and mystics walk the path beyond the veil, moving from the physical world into the realm of spirit. While both use that experience in their work,... Continue Reading →

A Green Alternative to Printmaking – Day 110

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 110 of the 365 Days Project is by Dan Welden.] Visual artists often work with toxic materials, sometimes sacrificing their health in the pursuit of their art. Here is one artist’s “green” alternative. #110 – Taking the “toxic” out of making art. Most of the visual artists I know are... Continue Reading →

Should Art Match the Furniture? – Day 108

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 108 of the 365 Days Project is by John Zajac.] Is art supposed to match the furniture? #108 – Art is for everyone, regardless of income, education or cultural background. But it is not merely decorative. Purchasing fine art has long been the exclusive realm of kings and queens, savvy... Continue Reading →

A Gift from the Left Hand – Day 107

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 107 of the 365 Days Project is by Francelise Dawkins.] The right brain, the left hand and a gift of intuitive creation... #107 – Although Artists can be left- or right-handed, the Artist Mind is linked to the left side of the body and in certain cultures, left-handed dominance is... Continue Reading →

How to Keep One’s Roots – Day 105

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 105 of the 365 Days Project is by Lenny Novak.] How do we keep the roots of our culture, our traditions as we move forward in the contemporary world? #105 – The Artist Mind is always moving towards innovation. Keeping the roots of tradition while moving forward is a delicate... Continue Reading →

Artists and Dyslexia – Day 103

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 103 of the 365 Days Project is by Michelle Vara.] What do Steve Jobs, Tom Cruise, Lewis Carroll, Steven Spielberg and Leonardo daVinci have in common? #103 – While not all Artists are dyslexic, the Artist Mind is the portal through which dyslexics experience their world. A vivid imagination. An... Continue Reading →

True Creative Human Relations – Day 102

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 102 of the 365 Days Project is by Kokichi Umezaki.] Imagine the power of living as a truly creative human being... #102 – The Artist Mind can teach us to live through the deep symbolism of a creative life. As I continue this journey celebrating artists and the creative mind... Continue Reading →

Art is not a Day Job – Day 101

#101 – Art is not a day job. It is a way of being in the world. Ask any artist why they create. It is not a deliberate choice, it is a way of experiencing and understanding the world, ourselves and each other. Here are more inspiring thoughts from previous essays: Day 24 - The... Continue Reading →

The Artful Egg – Day 99

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 99 of the 365 Days Project is by Gary LeMaster] Pushing the boundaries of the traditional Easter Egg - and how a color-blind boy became an artist... #99 – The Artist Mind knows no limitations. Anything is possible. I was actually looking for pysanky. I wanted to write a special... Continue Reading →

The Two-Career Artist- Day 97

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 97 of the 365 Days Project is by BiJian Fan.] When the passion to create arrives in the middle of a profitable career. #97 – The decision to maintain an “alternate career” for any Artist is a personal one. Managing two careers takes great discipline as well as an ability... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Beauty – Day 95

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 95 of the 365 Days Project is by Mary Fox.] The real path in the Pursuit of Happiness is actually the Pursuit of Beauty. #95 – The Logical Mind seeks happiness. The Artist Mind seeks beauty. Artists understand the power of beauty. Recognizing beauty is an art because it is... Continue Reading →

The Art of Controlling Water – Day 94

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 94 of the 365 Days Project is by Sadhu Aliyur.] Water isn’t meant to be controlled, but a watercolor artist can offer insights into how it might be managed….. #94 – Each artistic medium has its own energy that the Artist must learn to properly manage. This one is about... Continue Reading →

Freeing the Imagination – Day 93

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 93 of the 365 Days Project is by Patricia Boyd.] This is what happens when the imagination is given free reign... #93 – The Artist Mind, when allowed complete freedom, sees unlimited potential in the humblest of materials. Even gourds. Gourds are an unusual medium for sculpture but Patricia Boyd... Continue Reading →

A Prescription for Art – Day 91

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 91 of the 365 Days Project is by Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella.] What if doctors gave out prescriptions for art rather than pills? #91 – The roots of art are in healing. Centuries ago, artists were the healers of their tribe. Those who are familiar with the principles of holistic healing, feng-shui... Continue Reading →

Color and Culture – Day 90

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 90 of the 365 Days Project is by Tapas Das.] #90 – The culture of color Since the beginning of the year, the 365 Days Project has evolved to include artists from around the world. One of the most interesting discoveries from this global exploration of art is the insights... Continue Reading →

Wild Dreams – Day 89

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 89 of the 365 Days Project is by Heidi Vilkman.] Even the wildest dreams...ESPECIALLY the wildest dreams...can be possible. #89 – The Artist Mind loves big dreams. The Logical Mind can help make them happen. Artists often have big dreams. But there are often people who think such dreams are... Continue Reading →

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