Artful Vagabond’s innovative events and projects inspire, inform and generate plenty of “creative buzz” as they explore culture, travel and life through the lens of visual artists.

“Art is a great storyteller,” says Artful Vagabond founder Serena Kovalosky, who has used visual art to spark economic development, promote a “sense of place,” encourage dialogue and creative thinking and develop tourism, particularly in rural areas.

Artful Vagabond Productions welcomes collaborators and sponsors.

ACS Magazine cover - Yukon edition
ACS Magazine Yukon Edition

Following a curatorial tour throughout Canada’s Yukon Territory, Serena Kovalosky pitched the idea of an all-Yukon art issue to ACS Magazine, combining art, culture and tourism in this innovative publication.

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Slate as Muse
Slate as Muse National Art Exhibition

The Slate Valley Museum was looking for a unique exhibition to boost its marketing presence following an extended period of renovations. Serena Kovalosky proposed a five-month National Art Exhibition inviting artists to submit work, using slate as their creative muse.

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Open Studios 2007 Cover
Open Studios of Washington County Biennial

Serena Kovalosky discovered a hidden but vibrant artist community when she retured to her rural roots Washington County, NY. She co-founded Open Studios of Washington County with the goal of creating a first-class juried biennial that would showcase the area’s top professional artists, generate substantial art sales and bring tourism to the county.

The event is renowned as an excellent example of successful art marketing.

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Landscapes for Landsake

Landscapes for Landsake is the largest art exhibition in the region of southern Washington County, New York. Serena Kovalosky was the 2012 guest curator, pushing the boundaries by jurying in over 300 works of art which prompted the evolution of the event towards the “mega-show” it is today.

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The 365 Days Project

Serena Kovalosky’s 365 Days Project began as  a year-long series of daily blog posts on life as a working artist. It eventually evolved into interviews with visual artists around the world, exploring the artist’s role in our contemporary society and their unique offerings to the world.

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