news media

“Documentary Series-in-Progress Focuses on Artists’ Lives and Work”
The Times Union, New York – 2020

“Filmmaker Focuses on Cambridge Artist-Angler”
The Post Star, New York – 2019

“Upping the Ante: Marketing Washington County”
The Post Star, New York – 2018

Tara McCarthy interview: “ACS Magazine Features Yukon”
RADIO: CBC Radio Canada 1 – Yukon, Canada – 2017

“Art is the Way to Market Washington County”
The Post Star, New York – 2017

Thomas Toscano interview: “Serena Kovalosky”
RADIO: The Listening Shires Arts Magazine – WBTN-AM Radio – 2016

Sergia Gomez interview: “Serena Kovalosky, Artist and Curator”
PODCAST: Art NXT Level Podcast – 2015

Angie Bowie Barnett and Rick Hunt interview: “Serena Kovalosky”
PODCAST: The Angie Bowie Barnett Radio Show – 2015

“Slate Valley Museum: More Than Just Tiles”
Artscope Magazine – 2014

“Serena Kovalosky: Reflections on Art and the World”
The Free George, New York – 2014

“From History, Art”
The Post Star, New York – 2014

“Famed Stone Carver Creates Piece for “Slate as Muse”
The Granville Sentinel, New York – 2014

“Rock Becomes Art”
Daily Gazette, New York – 2014

“Museum Celebrates its Rock, its Muse”
The Post Star, New York – 2014

“Serena Kovalosky: The Artful Vagabond”
Art Animal – 2013

“Creativity: It’s Never Too ‘Slate'”
Rutland Reader, Vermont – 2013

“Kovalosky Appointed to Post at Slate Museum”
The Whitehall Times – 2013

“Northern Exposure”
The Whitehall Times, New York – 2012

“The Largesse of Yukon Art”
What’s Up Yukon, Yukon, Canada – 2012

“Eleventh Annual Landscapes for Landscapes Generates $30K for Farmland Protection”
ASA Newsletter Magazine, New York – 2012

“Wag Worthy”
The Post Star, New York – 2011

“An Artful Weekend”
The Daily Gazette, New York – 2011

“Art Tour of Washington County”
Saratoga Living – 2011

David Storey interview: “Serena Kovalosky, Open Studios 2011”
TELEVISION: Look TV, New York – 2011

Professional Artist Magazine – 2010

Bryony Graham interview: “Serena Kovalosky Porch Conversation”
VIDEO – Porch Pieces Conceptual Art Project – 2010

Joe Donahue interview: “Open Studios of Washington County”
RADIO – The Roundtable – WAMC Northeast Public Radio – 2009

“Finding Artists Amid the Farms”
Hill Country Observer, New England – 2009

“Creative Warriors Coming to Manchester”
The Manchester Journal, Vermont – 2007

“If You Host an Open Studios Tour”
Main Street, New York – 2007

“Art Amid the Farms”
Hill Country Observer, New England – 2007

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