Living Life Intensely – Day 54

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 54 of the 365 Days Project is by Lanie Frick.]

Painting of roosters by Lanie Frick
“Wanna Start Somethin” by Lanie Frick. Photo courtesy ©Lanie Frick.

Living life with purposeful intensity.

#54 – Artists experience life intensely. There is no filter when the Artist Mind is fully engaged.

Sensitivity is often perceived as a “weakness” in the corporate world, but it’s actually a strength in the world of creatives. It is often easier to feel everything than to pretend to feel nothing – and this intensity of presence can be used to fuel creative work. Artists must be alive to the world in order to receive its gifts and to pass them along through their art.

Painter Lanie Frick digs deep into her life and brings that passion into her work. Using all of her senses, she absorbs her surroundings and then lets them loose on the canvas.
“As each piece is created,” she said, “I feel the energy of the moment, smell the richness of life, hear the voices of nature, see the colors of light, sense the unspoken communication.”

It’s not only a creative tool, but it’s a way to enjoy the fullness of life. Wanna start somethin’? Live life intensely.

Painting of two horses by Lanie Frick
“The Touch” by Lanie Frick. Photo courtesy ©Lanie Frick.

Lanie Frick ’s artwork can be viewed at: Lanie Frick

Description of the images included in this post:
Wanna Start Somethin’
Lanie Frick, Missouri
Acrylic on linen

The Touch
Lanie Frick, Missouri
Acrylic on panel

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