Art as a Diary – Day 50

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 49 of the 365 Days Project is by Ann Haaland.]

Image of a woman by Ann Haaland
“Aleatory” by Ann Haaland. Photo courtesy ©Ann Haaland.

Art is a diary the world is invited to read.

#50 – Creating art is a way for artists to affirm where they are in the present, to see where they’ve been in the past, and to explore where they might go in the future.

Like many artists, there was a period in my career when the artwork I created was all about me, chronicling my struggles and my victories during a particularly challenging transition I was navigating in my life. When my work and I arrived together on the other side, I stepped away from being the central character in my art and took on other themes.

It is only recently I realized that even though I’m no longer the literal subject, my artwork still symbolically chronicles my life. I can look at a piece from years ago and, judging by the colors I used or the forms that prevailed, I can see where I was emotionally at the time and recognize how much I’ve evolved as a person.

Ann Haaland’s mixed media work reminds me of this connection. After her mother died, the past became Haaland’s new point of reference for her creative work. “In these exercises with collage mixed media, I cut, paste, cover up and face ‘the figure.’” she said. “I’m revisiting and honoring my own cut-up-and-pasted childhood.”

We are all on our own private journey and our “diary without words”, as Ann puts it, allows us to use color, texture, sound and movement to consciously or unconsciously share that journey with the world.

Abstract painting by Ann Haaland
“Echo” by Ann Haaland. Photo courtesy ©Ann Haaland.

Ann Haaland’s artwork can be viewed at: Ann Haaland

Description of the images included in this post:
Ann Haaland, New York
Mixed media on canvas

Ann Haaland, New York
Oil on luan panels

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