The Art of Walking in Two Worlds – Day 49

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 49 of the 365 Days Project is by Kathleen Brennan.]

Reclining Figure by Kathleen Brennan
“Reclining Figure” by Kathleen Brennan. Photo courtesy ©Kathleen Brennan.

The art of walking in two worlds balances the physical with the spiritual.

#49 – Artists often walk in two worlds – the physical world and the world of spirit. They stand at the intersection of those two worlds, pulling from each one as they bring forth their creative work.

In many ancient cultures, artists were the shamans and the healers for their people. They knew the secrets of creating a physical embodiment for spiritual energy.

Although much of today’s art, music, dance and writing is focused on a variety of alternative goals, there are many artists who work in both realms and whose creative work carries a powerful spiritual energy.

Kathleen Brennan’s creative process portrays this perfectly. “… recent sculpture explores the relationship of matter with spirit as a two-way stream of influences, blending the physical with the non-physical counterpart; structurally, my intentions are to reach beyond the limits of the material body by considering concave boundaries, volumes, and voids that balance convexities in space. By reducing the central body volume into a shell form with a contained element, the possibilities to explore inner and outer perspectives and concepts of totality are enlivened…..”

As an artist, honoring this energy is a way of also honoring the people who experience the artwork. When people ask if the work they create is functional they can respond, “Yes, my artwork is spiritually functional.”

Bronze sculpture of three women by Kathleen Brennan
“Seated Triad” by Kathleen Brennan. Photo courtesy ©Kathleen Brennan.

Description of the images included in this post:
Reclining Figure
Kathleen Brennan, New Hampshire

Seated Triad
Kathleen Brennan, New Hampshire

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