Art of the Yukon

Join us on a voyage without leaving home! Experience Canada's Yukon Territory through the eyes of its artists as Artful Vagabond's Serena Kovalosky takes you on an artful tour, in collaboration with international art magazine, ACS Magazine.

An Art for Commuters – Day 341

Anyone who has ever spent time commuting on a public transportation system knows the feeling of “being neither here nor there” while enroute to work or home. Waiting for a subway train to arrive, surrounded by others on their way to their individual destinations, we are in transition, detached from our surroundings and from each... Continue Reading →

Artful Relationships – Day 306

Creating art is a study in relationships – the artist’s creative process involves a constant weighing and balancing of the relationships between forms, colors and textures to create a final piece that resonates with integrity. Human relationships are much more complex and incorporating these issues into the creative context brings an additional set of challenges... Continue Reading →

Understanding Many Faces – Day 86

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 86 of the 365 Days Project is by Lisa G. Bauer.] As Artists, we have the ability to understand the many faces within ourselves and others. #86 – The Logical Mind would prefer us to be one-dimensional, but the Artist Mind embraces each and every one of our multiple facets.... Continue Reading →

An Artist’s Journey – Day 85

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 85 of the 365 Days Project is by Alakananda Sengupta.] The Journey of the Artist... #85 – The path of the Artist is a creative journey, one that lasts a lifetime. Unlike most traditional careers, the path of the artist is a journey. In Alakananda Sengupta’s striking sculpture, “The Journey,”... Continue Reading →

Art as a Diary – Day 50

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 49 of the 365 Days Project is by Ann Haaland.] Art is a diary the world is invited to read. #50 - Creating art is a way for artists to affirm where they are in the present, to see where they’ve been in the past, and to explore where they... Continue Reading →

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