Art and Mysticism – Day 111

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 111 of the 365 Days Project is by Jina Wallwork.] Life, death, art, rebirth. Bringing the mysteries into the physical world. #111 – Artists and mystics walk the path beyond the veil, moving from the physical world into the realm of spirit. While both use that experience in their work,... Continue Reading →

Working with Dreams – Day 52

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 52 of the 365 Days Project is by Helen Warner.] Tapping into the power of dreams. #52 – Dreams are a deep source of inspiration that springs from the well of the subconscious mind. Artists who walk in their dreamscapes can bring forth inspiration that might not be found in... Continue Reading →

Lea Riviere: Of Horses and Dreams

Léa Rivière is an extraordinary painter. When I had my studio in Montreal’s St-Henri district, Léa occupied the studio directly below mine. We became good friends almost immediately, sharing stories and philosophical views over late-night dinners. We rarely talked about our work specifically, our conversations tended to focus mostly on the business of art. It’s... Continue Reading →

Adirondack Wild

As a sculptor, I sometimes travel for the unique purpose of “filling the creative well”. I love these artist trips because there’s no real itinerary – it’s all about letting go and allowing my mind to absorb new images. When my good friend Sarah invited me to go primitive camping on a remote lake high... Continue Reading →

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