The Grand Marriage of Psychology and Art – Day 284

Artwork: Complacent by Amy Guidry
“Complacent” by Amy Guidry. Copyright © Amy Guidry

Visual art can communicate powerful messages in a single painting or sculpture. It can tell a story without words, often staying on the viewer’s mind for a long time afterwards.

Amy Guidry has been creating visual stories through her art even before she was old enough to write. “My work stems from two loves – psychology and art,” says the artist. “As Surrealism is the grand marriage of the two, I was naturally drawn to every aspect behind the movement.”

Guidry explores themes that involve the human psyche – who we are and how we interact with each other, including our relationship with other animals and the natural world, stitching together whole series of paintings from countless thumbnail sketches the artist has cataloged in numerous sketchbooks.

Artwork: The Wild West by Amy Guidry
“The Wild West” by Amy Guidry. Copyright © Amy Guidry

Your work is an exceptional balance of Surrealism and Photorealism. Where does the imagery in your paintings originate?

“My work has some heavy messages behind it, but rather than be so literal, I rely on surreal imagery to get my message across. Some of the paintings utilize images that come to mind when I’m just starting to fall asleep or through free-association exercises. Inspiration will come at any given time, but I am most creative when I can block out other distractions. I always keep sketchbooks handy so that I can document ideas, make notes and come back to my sketches later when I’m ready to fully explore options.”

You have vastly different series, each with a style that is as unique as the message.

“All of my work stems from my need to raise awareness for various issues. I like to work in series so that I can explore different issues. My ‘New Realm’ series, for example, focuses on women’s strength and independence. Fairy tales tend to present women as weak and, given their surrealist nature, it was fitting that I should create my own story with a female protagonist.”

Artwork: Adaptation by Amy Guidry
“Adaptation” by Amy Guidry. Copyright © Amy Guidry

Guidry’s current series, “In Our Veins,” focuses on ecology and animal welfare and explores the connections between all life forms and the process of the life cycle, including the interdependence of the human race to each other, to the rest of the animal kingdom and to the planet itself. “One cannot exist without the other,” says the artist. “Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we care for each and every living thing. Of course I believe this is important – not just for the survival of the planet, but also out of a moral and ethical obligation as well.”

Guidry’s career went from zero to sixty within a few short years and now, with a nationwide audience, she can broaden the reach of her message. “My art will always be my means of communication and my enjoyment,” says the artist. “I enjoy creating but even more so, I hope to inspire, enlighten, amuse, brighten, and bring forth positive change. Whether it’s on a gallery wall or a living room wall, I strive to reach one person at a time and tell my stories.”

Like any great storyteller, Amy Guidry draws you into her work and keeps you enthralled while she delivers her message, which is sometimes subtle and other times more direct. Her talent and technique enhance the experience, inviting the viewer back again and again, finding something new each time.

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Artwork: Untitled (Heads) by Amy Guidry.
Untitled (Heads) by Amy Guidry. Copyright © Amy Guidry

Artist Credits for the images included in this post:

Amy Guidry, Louisiana
Acrylic on canvas

The Wild West
Amy Guidry, Louisiana
Acrylic on canvas

Amy Guidry, Louisiana
Acrylic on canvas

Amy Guidry, Louisiana
Acrylic on canvas

Untitled (Heads)
Amy Guidry, Louisiana
Acrylic on canvas

Amy Guidry’s artwork can be viewed at: Amy Guidry

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