Do Inner-City Kids Need Art? – Day 198

In recent years, art education has been on the front line of school budget cuts in the U.S., which raises the question: Is art really a necessary component of an effective educational curriculum? Ask the kids from a certain inner-city school in Chicago’s south side……. Meg Peterson is an artist with studios in Chicago and... Continue Reading →

A Green Alternative to Printmaking – Day 110

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 110 of the 365 Days Project is by Dan Welden.] Visual artists often work with toxic materials, sometimes sacrificing their health in the pursuit of their art. Here is one artist’s “green” alternative. #110 – Taking the “toxic” out of making art. Most of the visual artists I know are... Continue Reading →

Art as Activism – Day 36

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 36 of the 365 Days Project is by Esmond Lyons.] Art can bring beauty to the world. It can also confront the viewer by challenging perceptions. #36 – Listen. Artists have something to say and they’re not afraid to say it. Artists are used to exposing their souls on gallery... Continue Reading →

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