The World is a Candy Store – Day 106

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 106 of the 365 Days Project is by Stephen J. Tyson.]

Artwork: Corner 2 Corner by Stephen J. Tyson
“Corner 2 Corner” by Stephen J. Tyson. Copyright © Stephen J. Tyson. Used with permission.

#106 – The world is a candy store for the Artist Mind.

The world is a treasure chest for artists. The creative muse is everywhere – in the past and present, in science and art, in music, nature and spirituality.

I met painter, curator and professor Stephen J. Tyson at a gallery exhibition where I experienced his artwork for the very first time. My mind practically exploded as I took in each painting, some of which seemed to shift and move, each of them taking me on a journey. In my discussion with Tyson, I discovered an artist who embraces the world and its unlimited sources of inspiration. “In this exhibition,” he explained, “the sound of music is a metaphor for the movement of life, distilled and expressed as visual form.”

I stopped in front of one of his paintings, mesmerized, as Tyson offered the story behind the artwork. “When I was very young,” he began, “I once closed my eyes while listening to James Brown’s ‘I Got the Feeling’ and saw shapes and colors that seemed to match what I was hearing. Many years later, I created a small computer-generated image of that initial vision and, based on that, created this piece entitled ‘Corner 2 Corner’.” (See image at top of article.) “It captures the layers of dynamic flow and angularity in the music as I experienced it, together with the application of my current pattern style.”

Artwork: Energaze by Stephen J. Tyson
“Energaze” by Stephen J. Tyson. Copyright © Stephen J. Tyson. Used with permission.

As I later discovered more of his work in his portfolio, I recognized the myriad of influences that he draws upon in his work – Australian Aboriginal art, African textile designs, Islamic geometric patterns, stained-glass windows, New York City graffiti. Tyson observes the world like a kid in a candy store, bringing his delicious findings into his studio where he transforms them into art, and puts them back out into the world for us to discover and enjoy.

“I feel linked to a mysterious blend of past and present cultures, of sound and sight, of stillness and movement, of nature, science, and spirituality,” said Tyson.

Recent explorations in photomicroscopy, and celestial discoveries as revealed through the Hubble Telescope, have also contributed to his relentless curiosity about life. “The visual forms revealed from these areas of science reinforce my appreciation for the connection between the micro- and the macrocosm,” he said, “a relationship also acknowledged in the works of artists in ancient cultures.”

Here is what Tyson had to say about Step into Tomorrow, below.

“Through faith, courage, and determination the present moments opens, revealing new possibilities of creative expression, focus, and clarity of vision.”

Artwork: Step Into Tomorrow by Stephen J. Tyson
“Step Into Tomorrow” by Stephen J. Tyson. Copyright © Stephen J. Tyson. Used with permission.

Is there a universal thread to Stephen Tyson’s work?

“Yes,” he replied. “I create mostly non-objective works of art. They represent my appreciation for the value of artistic visual styles and traditions that exist among diverse world cultures, and for the inspiration of music and dance that I continue to enjoy. I hope that they, in turn, will serve to uplift and inspire others.”

They are a fascinating visual interpretation of the creative treasures our world has to offer, and a reminder of the vast, unlimited sources of inspiration that surround us.

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Artwork: Alkm by Stephen J. Tyson
“Alkm” by Stephen J. Tyson. Copyright © Stephen J. Tyson. Used with permission.

Stephen J. Tyson’s artwork can be viewed at: Stephen J. Tyson

Descriptions of the images included in this article:

Corner 2 Corner
Stephen J. Tyson, New York
Acrylic on canvas

Stephen J. Tyson, New York
Mixed media on paper

Step Into Tomorrow
Stephen J. Tyson, New York
Digital Photography

Stephen J. Tyson, New York
Acrylic on wood assemblage

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