Invisible Art Sells for Millions – Day 60

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 60 of the 365 Days Project is by Lana Newstrom.] I’ve always thought the art world was a little mad. Certain conceptual art installations that sell for more than what most “traditional” artists earn in a lifetime seem to almost mock the intelligence of the viewer and perpetuate unfortunate stereotypes... Continue Reading →

Altered Perceptions – Day 14

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 14 of the 365 Days Project is by Frances Gaffney.] Seeing with the eyes of an artist can open perceptions into other realms. #14 – Altered perceptions, by the Artist as well as the viewer, can be experienced through deep creative work. Artists are very sensitive to the energetic vibrations... Continue Reading →

Adirondack Wild

As a sculptor, I sometimes travel for the unique purpose of “filling the creative well”. I love these artist trips because there’s no real itinerary – it’s all about letting go and allowing my mind to absorb new images. When my good friend Sarah invited me to go primitive camping on a remote lake high... Continue Reading →

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