The Decision to Embrace One’s Art – Day 84

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 84 of the 365 Days Project is by Sandra Blair.]

Painting of a gray bird by Sandra Blair.
“Harmony” by Sandra Blair. Photo courtesy ©Sandra Blair.

What makes Artists decide to dedicate their lives to their work?

#84 – Artists don’t “decide” to become artists – deep inside, they have always been artists. But what makes artists dedicate their artistic talents as their life’s work?

There are as many answers to this question as there are artists. For most, there was never an official point when that specific decision was made – they simply worked all their lives as artists from the very beginning. Others put their creative talents aside in favor of a more profitable way to make a living, and came back to their art later in life. Some may have always felt drawn to the arts until a life event opened them up to fully embracing their talent.
For wildlife artist and photographer Sandra Blair, that call came in the form of a crisis.

Sandra Blair enjoyed a successful, 23-year career as a graphic artist until a diagnosis of breast cancer redefined her priorities. “I knew it was time to finally realize my life-long dream of becoming a wildlife artist.” she said. She delved into her passion, researching still-life techniques and studying the paintings of the world’s most influential wildlife artists. She took workshops and observed animals in their natural habitat.

Now her work has an even greater purpose: “In today’s fast-paced world, we often overlook the wild creatures that have adapted to human encroachment and shrinking habitat to live their lives among us,” said Blair. “My hope is that the beauty revealed through my art will remain with my audience, enticing them to slow down and observe their surroundings with fresh eyes.”

The beauty of embracing one’s work is a gift not only to the artist, but to everyone.

Painting of a white bird by Sandra Blair
“Sun Catcher” by Sandra Blair. Photo courtesy ©Sandra Blair.

Sandra Blair’s artwork can be viewed at: Sandra Blair

Description of the images included in this post:
Sandra Blair, Pennsylvania
Acrylic on gessoboard

Sun Catcher
Sandra Blair, Pennsylvania
Acrylic on gessoboard

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