Everyone’s an Artist – Day 67

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 67 of the 365 Days Project is by Kate Newlyn.]

Bronze sculpture of a male figure by Kate Newlyn
“Ariel” by Kate Newlyn. Photo courtesy ©Kate Newlyn.

Everyone has an Artist Mind.

#67 – We are all capable of tapping into our creative mind. Passion and practice are two of the elements that make up the evolution of a true artistic practice.

Every one of us is creative. Looking at Kate Newlyn’s impressive sculptures, it might be tempting to say, “But I could never do THAT!”

What if you could?

Newlyn is a self-taught sculptor whose work is widely collected around the world. She offers a refreshing view on art and talent. “Making art is no great shakes really – far too much seriousness has built up around it,” she said. “It is not, as some would have us believe, the sole domain of the ‘naturally talented’. Everyone’s an artist.”

“Anyone who’s ever made a choice of furniture or matched a pair of shoes with a suit has drawn on an unconscious knowledge of what ‘looks right,’ a knowledge that’s been quietly developing in one part of the brain from infancy. We know far more than we think.”

We all have it in us. But creating on the level of Newlyn’s artwork doesn’t happen overnight. Newlyn spent many years honing her craft, beginning her career as a performer and mask-maker for mime companies, then moving into the sculptural form and taking on an apprenticeship at a bronze foundry. She then acquired experience sculpting in countries around the world before returning to the United Kingdom to permanently establish her studio.

Not everyone may want to work towards becoming a professional, but that doesn’t diminish the capacity for enjoying the act of creation.

“I’m not too sure the fabulous paleolithic cave paintings of Lascaux were the product of a three-year degree course in Art and Aesthetics,” quipped Newlyn. “The truth is, it’s just a question of tapping into that knowledge. The rest is practice.”

Bronze sculpture of person walking dog by Kate Newlyn
“Walkies” by Kate Newlyn. Photo courtesy ©Kate Newlyn.

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Kate Newlyn, United Kingdom

Kate Newlyn, United Kingdom

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