The Artist’s Eye – Finding the Extraordinary – Day 66

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 66 of the 365 Days Project is by Gary Bowen.]

Abstract photography by Gary Bowen
“Abstract” by Gary Bowen. Photo courtesy ©Gary Bowen.

Without our Artists, would we still be able to see?

#66 – The Artist Mind takes the time to fully observe. An Artist will create from that experience and share it in the hope that others may also see.

It is so easy to forget how to see. We often spend many years in that state of forgetfulness, too busy with a demanding job and an endless “To Do” list followed by jam-packed weekends of trying to squeeze in enough “play” to offset all the work. When we finally decide to step off the roller coaster and start seeing the world through an Artist’s eyes, a new perception emerges as we discover the joy of appreciating simpler treasures.

Photographer Gary Bowen has an eye for finding the extraordinary in the everyday experience. He still uses a 35mm camera in his work, preferring the “texture” that is inherent in film, an attribute he finds lacking in digital media. Through the work of artists like Bowen, we are reminded to not just look, but to truly see. Even artists need to experience other artists’ work in order to explore a familiar theme in a new way. We all need to be aware of how easy it can be to be lulled into complacency of the world around us when we’re busy with our everyday lives.

Gary Bowen’s artistic statement summarizes it best: “The artist’s eye enjoys revealing that which is generally ignored in the bustling of our daily lives, as a reminder of the hidden glory of a loving God.”

Photo of figures scaling a building by Gary Bowen
“Liberation” by Gary Bowen. Photo courtesy ©Gary Bowen.

Gary Bowen’s artwork can be viewed on his Facebook page at: Kamrawerk by Gary Bruce Bowen

Description of the images included in this post:
Gary Bowen, Quebec, Canada

Gary Bowen, Quebec, Canada

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