For Those Who (Think They) Know Nothing About Art – Day 63

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 63 of the 365 Days Project is by Birgit Grapentin.]

Stacked stones by Birgit Grapentin
“Brote” by Birgit Grapentin. Photo courtesy ©Birgit Grapentin.

The greatest secret to understanding art is…

#63 – Art is mostly subjective. People generally know more about art than they think they do.

I once met a couple during an artist’s talk who admitted they knew nothing about art. I admired their willingness to attend such events to learn how artists are inspired to create their work. I sensed, however, that they hoped to gain an insight into how one was supposed to interpret art, as if it were a special talent bestowed upon those with a vast knowledge of art history.

While research into the history of art can certainly enhance one’s appreciation, too much theory can sometimes detract from the pure enjoyment of the work. The truth is, we can never get into the mind of every artist and expect to know what they were thinking while they were creating a certain piece. “Artspeak” doesn’t help – those long, intellectualized and usually unintelligible dissertations that often accompany contemporary work. Granted, some work is more intellectually inspired than others, but appreciating art is within the realm of anyone willing to take the time to discover what really inspires them.

Birgit Grapentin creates sculptural pieces that place the power of appreciation directly in the hands of those who admire her work, as she explains in her artistic mission statement: “My artwork shall give the viewer’s mind thoughts for interpretation and the possibility to interact with the work as well as an inspiration to tap into their own creativity.”

For those who want to dig deeper, there is a wealth of information on almost any artist readily available on the internet. Artists are always more than willing to discuss their work – just ask them at an opening, read their online art journal or look for articles written about them.
Art is for everyone and it’s never been a better time to open up to the world of art through the eyes of our artists.

Stone sculpture by Birgit Grapentin
“Mystery” by Birgit Grapentin. Photo courtesy ©Birgit Grapentin.

Description of the images included in this post:
Birgit Grapentin, Queensland, Australia

Birgit Grapentin, Queensland, Australia
Helidon sandstone

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