Create Like a Child – Day 62

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 62 of the 365 Days Project is by Judith Joseph.]

Painting of a Menorah by Judith Joseph
“My Grandmother Crossing the Ocean” by Judith Joseph. Photo courtesy ©Judith Joseph.

We were all born to be creative. As we get older, however, many of us forget how to play.

#62 – The Artist Mind matures with age, but it never truly “grows up”. Like a child, it creates freely, without inhibition, and is tempered only by the adult in the Logical Mind.

For most artists, there is a lot of “play” in the beginning stages of exploring mediums and finding one’s voice. For those who continue their path towards a professional practice, the “playing” becomes more focused as it takes on a deliberate tone. But no matter how far they advance in their work, artists never lose their childlike sense of wonder and awe, especially when exploring a new material, style or subject.

Painter Judith Joseph embraces a healthy sense of play in her work. Although many of her themes revolve around a spiritual context, her inspiration springs from illuminated medieval illustrations with “their quirky, often bizarre imagery that ranges from holy inspiration to bawdy violence.” I can almost see her in her studio, exploring ancient materials such as egg tempera, vellum and papyrus, along with acrylic, oil, sand and collage, allowing her creative child full reign.

I appreciate how the artist describes her work: “Sometimes I think my paintings are children’s book illustrations that have wandered into a grown-up place.”

Judith Joseph’s statement perfectly symbolizes the creative process, which begins in childlike curiosity and eventually “wanders” into the realm of adults as it makes its way into the physical world.

It also explains the allure of all forms of artistic creation, which leave just enough of a hint of our childhood past to remind us of our creative birthright.

Spirituality Amulet painting by Judith Joseph
“Spirituality Amulet: Air” by Judith Joseph. Photo courtesy ©Judith Joseph.

Judith Joseph’s artwork can be viewed at: Judith Joseph

Description of the images included in this post:
My Grandmother Crossing the Ocean
Judith Joseph, Illinois, USA
Egg tempura on panel, copper & brass repoussé

Spirituality Amulet: Air
Judith Joseph, Illinois, USA
Acrylic on canvas

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