Working with Dreams – Day 52

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 52 of the 365 Days Project is by Helen Warner.]

Photo of a sleeping boy by Helen Warner
“Upon Awakening” by Helen Warner. Photo courtesy ©Helen Warner.

Tapping into the power of dreams.

#52 – Dreams are a deep source of inspiration that springs from the well of the subconscious mind. Artists who walk in their dreamscapes can bring forth inspiration that might not be found in the waking world.

Although artists might not use dreams literally in their artwork, they often turn to the dream world to gain insights into problem-solving and creative brainstorming. Sometimes they come in the form of deep dreams in the middle of the night, but most often they occur at dawn, when the dreamer is in a place between the waking and the dreaming world.

Photographer Helen Warner recreates this world of dreams in her captivating images, creating what has been described as “frozen theater.” We are all familiar with this world, and it is often unsettling, but Warner handles it with such grace and professional artistry that we are drawn into her theater of dreams in spite of ourselves, and we return to the waking world oddly refreshed and definitely inspired.

It is the same way with dreaming, where there may be a tendency to avoid remembering dreams for fear of the nightmares. But for those who understand dreamtime as a source of insight will gain access to a very powerful creative tool.

Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor who tapped into his dreams regularly for inspiration. He would nap in a comfortable chair, holding a steel ball in each hand over steel plates on the floor. As his hands would relax, the balls would drop, waking him up at the crucial moment when those “creative dreams” take place. Surrealist painter Salvador Dali employed a similar method by placing a heavy key in his hand.

For me, what makes complete sense in the dream world often falls apart as I pull it with me into the physical realm. If I awaken more slowly, however, I can keep the inspiration intact through all the layers between the two worlds. And if I manage to get it down on paper, then it’s ready for the physical world. If not, I can always roll over and dream some more.

Photo of a woman with balloons in hair by Helen Warner

“Conceptual Identity” by Helen Warner. Photo courtesy ©Helen Warner.

Helen Warner’s artwork can be viewed at: Helen Warner Film & Photography

Description of the images included in this post:
Upon Awakening
Helen Warner, Northern Ireland, UK

Conceptual Identity
Helen Warner, Northern Ireland, UK

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