Red Clover

Red Clover
Photography copyright © Serena Kovalosky



This red clover is among the oldest species on the property, dating back to at least 1962 despite having been weeded, mowed and otherwise ignored.

As a child, I was fascinated by the white markings on its leaves, making it seem quite exotic for such a simple plant.

Clover Leaves. Copyright © Serena Kovalosky
Photography copyright © Serena Kovalosky


In 2020 I found out. Between the pandemic and caretaking my elderly mom, I didn’t have time to plant (or weed) a full garden that year. The clover, which always used to end up in the weed pile, grew to an exceptional size which delighted the bumblebees that visited the garden.

I vowed to never pull it up again and it is now a permanent resident of the vegetable garden.

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Red clover (trifolium pratense L.) is one of the true clovers, a herbaceous species of flowering plant in the legume family. Native to Europe and Western Asia. Red clover is a good pollen and nectar source for bumblebees. It is a nitrogen-fixing plant and is often grown as a cover crop to improve soil fertility.

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