Hibernation and Transformation

Fall is a prelude to hibernation for many animals, myself included. Although for many it is a time for gearing up for the holidays, I always find the annual "Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Year's" bustle to be counter-intuitive to my natural rhythm, which wants to slow down in preparation for "a long winter's nap."... Continue Reading →

A Silk Road Runs Through It

By the end of August my little grove of surprise white mulberry trees were already as high as the windows on the house. They grew fast! Even more surprising, they appeared in a patch of lawn that had been consistently mowed for over sixty years! How did they survive that long underground? Plus they didn't... Continue Reading →

Gourd Seeds Are Up!

I'm starting to work on larger sculptures, but finding large gourds is becoming a challenge - and shipping is increasingly expensive. So even though I live in the North Country of upstate New York where our short growing season makes it all but impossible to grow oversized gourds, I am determined to try growing my... Continue Reading →

Crocus Discovery

Five tiny crocuses appeared on my front lawn in March 2022. I remember seeing them from time to time throughout the years. No one had bothered with them for a long time and the bulbs are supposed to be separated every four years so they can continue blooming. I'm surprised they continue to come up... Continue Reading →

Snowdrop Discovery

These little white snowdrops appeared on my front lawn in March in 2022 once the snow left the ground. I remember seeing their green foliage in clumps scattered about the front yard where my Mom used to have a flower garden in previous years but never noticed any flowers since the lawn was always mowed... Continue Reading →

Lady’s Thumb Discovery

There's something special about finding a plant that one remembers from childhood especially when it's rather uncommon. I used to see this flower in the vegetable garden as a child (and of course, we'd pull it up!) but it was never as invasive as other plants. It was always a rare and magical find, its... Continue Reading →

Dandelion Wine – An Artful Adventure

This started out as a simple dream of making homemade wine. It turned into an exploration I never expected. My first taste of dandelion wine was disappointing. One of my cousins used to make it every year and it always tasted like pure rot-gut. It wasn't until I met a 70-year-old Italian in Montreal's Little... Continue Reading →

Wild Mustard Discovery

This plant was among the original "weeds" I allowed to grow to maturity in my vegetable garden in 2020 to see what it would become. The leaves of the young plant looked quite familiar to me from my childhood - it was designated as a weed by my mom and always pulled up as soon... Continue Reading →

Red Clover Discovery

Red clover is among the oldest species on the property, dating back to at least 1962 despite having been weeded, mowed and otherwise ignored. As a child, I was fascinated by the white markings on its leaves, making it seem quite exotic for such a simple plant. As I dutifully weeded the vegetable garden, side-by-side... Continue Reading →

Red Raspberry Acquisition

The Eco-Garden Project is not only focused on the discovery of plants on the property surrounding my home and studio. It is also a "back-to-the-land" endeavour. Rather that caring for a lawn that is purely ornamental, I'd rather turn it into a source of food. My first acquisition in 2020 was a red raspberry plant.... Continue Reading →

Fleabane Discovery

These were among the first unidentified plants that appeared when I let my vegetable garden grow wild in 2020. They grew to be quite tall - as tall as me! Maybe they would be wildflowers? My neighbor laughed. "They're just weeds," she said. But by June they blossomed into exquisite little white flowers I remembered... Continue Reading →

Purple Fringed Loosestrife Discovery

  This plant was a mystery for a long time. I first noticed it in the spring of 2020, its purple leaves interspersed among the bee balm and goutweed at the north end of my vegetable garden near the garage. Where did it come from? I initially thought it was purple lettuce that may have... Continue Reading →

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