Red Clover

    This red clover is among the oldest species on the property, dating back to at least 1962 despite having been weeded, mowed and otherwise ignored. As a child, I was fascinated by the white markings on its leaves, making it seem quite exotic for such a simple plant.   In 2020 I found... Continue Reading →

Gourd Seeds Are Up!

I'm starting to work on larger sculptures, but finding large gourds is becoming a challenge - and shipping is increasingly expensive. So even though I live in the North Country of upstate New York where our short growing season makes it all but impossible to grow oversized gourds, I am determined to try growing my... Continue Reading →

Dandelion Wine – An Artful Adventure

This started out as a simple dream of making homemade wine. It turned into an exploration I never expected. My first taste of dandelion wine was disappointing. One of my cousins used to make it every year and it always tasted like pure rot-gut. It wasn't until I met a 70-year-old Italian in Montreal's Little... Continue Reading →

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