Gourd Seeds Are Up!

Gourd Plant. Copyright © Serena Kovalosky.
© Serena Kovalosky

I’m starting to work on larger sculptures, but finding large gourds is becoming a challenge – and shipping is increasingly expensive. So even though I live in the North Country of upstate New York where our short growing season makes it all but impossible to grow oversized gourds, I am determined to try growing my own bushel gourds.

I started them indoors – soaking the seeds overnight and laying them on top of moistened soil in my portable “greenhouse” made out of a plastic egg carton and set on a heating mat for seedlings. Only two out of a dozen seeds survived but I remained grateful.

The gourd plants were doing nicely until Villie decided they would make a tasty treat.

Gourd Plant chewed. Photography copyright © Serena Kovalosky.
© Serena Kovalosky

He only chewed one plant, thankfully, so he gets to keep all of his nine lives.

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Cat © Serena Kovalosky
© Serena Kovalosky

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