The Pursuit of Beauty – Day 95

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 95 of the 365 Days Project is by Mary Fox.]

Bottle Vase by Mary Fox
“Bottle Vase” by Mary Fox. Photo courtesy ©Mary Fox.

The real path in the Pursuit of Happiness is actually the Pursuit of Beauty.

#95 – The Logical Mind seeks happiness. The Artist Mind seeks beauty.

Artists understand the power of beauty. Recognizing beauty is an art because it is not only found in the obvious, but in places where only the Artist Mind would think to look. The wrinkles of a beloved elder can be as beautiful as the smile of a newborn. A coffee cup handle can achieve the purity of form of a fine art sculpture.

Mary Fox is a potter who creates “beautiful vessels to enrich and inspire.” Her focus is on expressing the beauty and strength of pure form.

“Creating beautiful vessels for people to use or contemplate is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend one’s life,” said Fox. “I have been potting since I was 13 and have yet to grow tired of any aspect of my job. I love going into my studio every day full of energy and inspiration to create anew.”

Small ceramic chalices by Mary Fox.
“Wee Chalices” by Mary Fox. Photo courtesy ©Mary Fox.

Much of the imbalance in the world is caused when we step away from beauty. It is not only a visual appreciation, but a way of life. Focusing on negative thoughts, sensational news stories, or yesterday’s argument with a loved one puts us on a completely different path that brings anything but happiness. Returning to beauty puts balance back into our lives and Mary’s Fox’s work is a gentle reminder.

“Pursuit of beauty is a constant in my life,” said Fox. “It infuses everything I do. “The simplest shapes are the most beautiful. When I am working with pure form, the tiniest fraction of an inch at any spot will make the difference between just a vase and a vase full of life.”

Beauty is not only the realm of fine art. Bringing that beauty even to the simple, functional objects in our lives enriches us even more.

Chrome Green Teapot by Mary Fox
“Chrome Green Teapot” by Mary Fox. Photo courtesy ©Mary Fox.

“I have always loved making functional ware, love that people start their days with coffee in one of my mugs or cereal in a beautiful bowl. When working on vessels created to adorn our tables I derive pleasure from knowing that, through the subtle intimacy that grows from their daily use, these pieces will become treasures in people’s lives.”

Boiling water splashes into the pot
chatter fills the room
the teapot a quiet witness
to the comforting warmth of friends
Mary Fox

Beauty is a necessity. THAT is the real pursuit for a life of happiness.

2022 Update: In revisiting Mary Fox’s website for the re-publication of this article, I came across a recent blog post that brought an even deeper meaning to her pursuit of beauty in her work. She has been living with M.E. for over 20 years and lost her wife to the same disease. She is now 62 and is still creating beauty….

Tall ceramic vase by Mary Fox
“Marlene” by Mary Fox. Photo courtesy ©Mary Fox.

Mary Fox’s artwork can be viewed at: Mary Fox Pottery.

Description of the artwork included in this post:
Bottle Vase
Mary Fox, British Columbia, Canada
Clay, blue terra sigillata slip, white crawl glaze

Wee Chalices
Mary Fox, British Columbia, Canada
Clay, lithium glaze, oxidation

Chrome Green Teapot
Mary Fox, British Columbia, Canada

Mary Fox, British Columbia, Canada
Clay, blue terra sigillata slip, lithium glaze

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