Embracing Duality in an Era of Change – Day 92

And now a word from the BOTH sides of the Brain…

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#92 – We are transitioning to an era where Creative Thinking is the key to moving forward. But what about our Logical side?

Exploring the Artist Mind has been the focus of this 365 Days Project for a reason. Believe it or not, Artists, this is your time. Right now, in this era of great change and transition, your creative minds are perfectly adapted to solving problems and coming up with innovative solutions as the sands keep shifting beneath all of our feet. Although it is unsettling to find the traditional ways of promoting your work are becoming less viable, you are better equipped than most to figure out what to do next, to come up with new and exciting ways to move forward. How you navigate the coming challenges can inspire others.

It is the Logical Ones who may have the most difficulty in embracing this change. The Logical Mind likes rules and structure. It prefers things to stay the same, tends to avoid risk and seeks out security. Decisions are made through facts and figures, by analyzing what has been done before. Faced with a new road no one has ever taken, there is a reluctance to set forth into the unknown.

The Logical Ones need the Artists to help envision the future. The Artist can teach how to think creatively and critically, to keep searching until we find a way towards better solutions and to draw from our inner spirit and passion so we never give up.

But in this time of change, Artists, you need the Logical Ones as well. Just as they can learn from your creative thinking, you need to access your Logical Mind to survive. Gone are the days when you can simply create while someone else handles the business side of things. In this new era, you need to know how to manage your business, build your portfolio, manage cash flow, develop a business plan, negotiate contracts and do your own marketing.

The good news is – all of this can be learned. Nobody became great in business through sheer talent any more than anyone becomes a great artist without years of practice and research.

This era may very well be about all of us learning to work with both sides of our brains, to find that path that embraces the whole of existence rather than “one side” versus the “other side.” Of course Artists will always be Artists! But exciting times are ahead for those who are open to this exploration into embracing duality in order to navigate this era of change.

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