The Myth of the Disconnected Artist – Day 80

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 80 of the 365 Days Project is by Gregory Pelizzari.]

Painting of a baby by Gregory Pelizzari.
“Reincarnation” by Gregory Pelizzari. Photo courtesy © Gregory Pelizzari.

Artists are knee-deep in life.

#80 – Artists experience everything deeply – and one way or another that connection finds its way into their artwork, either consciously or unconsciously.

One of the reasons I began this 365 Days Project was to challenge a few myths about artists. One of them I had heard many times: that “visual artists are disconnected from the general public,” creating work that often seems self-serving and irrelevant to the average person.

That set me on a mission to find not just one or two, but hundreds of artists who were not only relevant but who were fully immersed in the complexities of life, who weren’t afraid to dive deep and ask big questions and who then brought their answers, or more questions, back to the surface and into their art.

This is what has been on my mind since I began this series in January, but it was Gregory Pelizzari’s artwork that inspired me to put it into words. As I reviewed the many paintings in his portfolio, I found myself overcome by the power of his art. His work connects on a deep emotional level and as I took the time to truly absorb each painting, I found myself being pulled through numerous layers of personal meaning and symbolism.

Painting of a woman in a chair by Gregory Pelizzari
“Silent Conversation” by Gregory Pelizzari. Photo courtesy ©Gregory Pelizzari.

“The paintings and drawings in this body of work are representations of ‘emotional moments,’ explorations of the human condition,” explained Pelizzari. “Both spiritual and introspective in purpose, I am interested in conveying the dynamics of relationships and the aloneness one must confront and accept in this world. It is with the embracing of that idea that brings us to the understanding of our oneness, our singular humanity and allows us to feel at peace to explore and express our loves, fears, wants, needs and hope.”

Disconnected? I don’t think so.

Pelizzari also has great respect for his subject – he has honed his talent and his technique so that he can truly honor whatever he’s painting.

“These paintings possess a focus that reflects a rigorous training,” he said. “What one perceives as polish is essentially obsessive preoccupation with allowing the image its own life.”

Although I admit that some contemporary art can seem quite obscure, there are painters like Gregory Pelizzari, or any of the artists featured in this project, where there is a dedication to the exploration of themes and subjects that touch all of our lives and a willingness to share them with those who will take the time to listen.

Abstract painting by Gregory Pelizzari.
Homme de l’ordre” by Gregory Pelizzari. Photo courtesy ©Gregory Pelizzari.

Gregory Pelizzari’s artwork can be viewed at: Gregory Pelizzari

Description of the images included in this post:
Gregory Pelizzari, France
Oil on canvas

Silent Conversation
Gregory Pelizzari, France
Oil on canvas

Homme de l’ordre
Gregory Pelizzari, France
Oil on canvas

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