Follow Your Silence – Day 75

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 75 of the 365 Days Project is by Deborah G. Rogers.]

Clay sculpture of a doll and a rabbit by Deborah G. Rogers
“You Make Me Feel Like Home” by Deborah G. Rogers. Photo courtesy ©Deborah G. Rogers.

Art openings are sometimes not the best way to experience art.

#75 – Silence is the language of (most) visual artwork. It allows a greater depth of experience, a direct connection with the Artist Mind and personal interpretation.

Art openings are exciting, inspiring, and often the best place to see and be seen in the art world. They are often more about the artist than the artwork, a time for socializing, wine in hand, and catching a glimpse of the featured artist’s latest work.
But for me, once I’ve done the prerequisite schmoozing, I prefer to walk through the exhibition unencumbered, quietly exploring each piece, tuning out the hum of surrounding conversation so I can be fully present to the messages, intended or unintended, by the artist.

Deborah Rogers’ work almost commands a momentary silence to be able to take in the depth of her sculptures. Her pieces seem to embrace the mantra of “finding one’s path through reflection in silence,” and she encourages her viewers to “Follow your silence into the wonderland of the sculptor.”

“Sometimes,” Rogers says, “the eyes will see strange things that the mind will alter….”

The purpose of her work, she says, is to provoke, confront and stimulate private emotion and awareness. Deborah Rogers wants her viewers to “connect with the underlying emotional current that flows just beneath the surface in us all.” Some will be pleasant, others perhaps unpleasant, but that is her intent. Through her own life and lessons learned, Rogers combines images and memorable items of her youth to encourage a highly individual and personal interpretation. The lessons become our own.

You can’t get that if you’re sipping wine and discussing the stock market.

Follow your silence…….


Clay sculpture of a figure by Deborah G. Rogers.
“Cat’s Cradle” by Deborah G. Rogers. Photo courtesy ©Deborah G. Rogers.

Deborah G. Rogers’ artwork can be viewed on her Facebook page at: Deborah G. Rogers Artist

Description of the images included in this post:
You Make Me Feel at Home
©Deborah G. Rogers, Virginia, USA
Marblex, Diamond Paper clay, LaDoll, papier mâché, acrylic, colored pencil, dyes, ink, wax

Cat’s Cradle
©Deborah G. Rogers, Virginia, USA
Marblex, Diamond Paper clay, LaDoll, papier mâché, acrylic, colored pencil, dyes, ink, wax

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