Liberating the Porcelain Figurine – Day 71

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 71 of the 365 Days Project is by Chris Antemann.]

Porcelain Figurines by Chris Antermann
“An Occasional Craving” by Chris Antemann. Photo courtesy ©Chris Antemann.

Tradition has its place, but there’s nothing like liberation.

#71 – Traditions can span generations and offer an historical foundation, but the Artist Mind will seek to challenge tradition in an effort to make it relevant in the contemporary world.

At first glance, Chris Antemann’s porcelain figurines bring to mind the history of mass-produced items of décor, particularly the popular figurines of Staffordshire and Lladró.

But upon taking a closer look at Antemann’s work, all preconceived ideas are dashed against the wall. These aren’t your grandmother’s figurines. Chris Antemann’s figurines draw you innocently in and then they throw you a curve ball as a fancy dinner party becomes a scene straight out of Desperate Housewives.

Here is an artist who knows how to push boundaries in the subtlest of ways.

“My primary focus,” said Antemann, “is liberating the figurine from its roots in mass-production by creating one-of-a-kind autobiographical narratives. As ornaments, collectible objects of wealth, and artifacts of the domestic realm, decorative figurines conceal secrets about individual lives. Inspired by these hidden stories, I transform the base figure by layering images, ornament, and playing with forms to construct my own tales and reveal my own observations.”

“Currently I am expanding upon my previous parodies of decorative figurines by delving into the darker side of relationships and domestic rites. Tricked out in frilly camouflage, these characters disregard tradition, exposing society’s cistern of unmentionables.”

Challenging tradition in a thoughtful manner produces extraordinary work that doesn’t need to rely solely on shock to deliver a relevant message. Antemann’s work is as thought-provoking as it is visually sumptuous.

Closeup of porcelaine figurine by Chris Antemann
Detail from “Feast of Impropriety” by Chris Antemann. Photo courtesy ©Chris Antemann.

Chris Antemann ’s artwork can be viewed at: Chris Antemann

Description of the images included in this post:
An Occasional Craving
Chris Antemann, Oregon, USA
Porcelain, decals, luster

Detail from Feast of Impropriety
Chris Antemann, Oregon, USA
Porcelain, decals, luster

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