Planning a Creative Legacy – Day 58

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 58 of the 365 Days Project is by Ron Elstad.]

Painting of a railroad station by Ron Elstad
“Dawn of Assurance” by Ron Elstad. Photo courtesy ©Ron Elstad.

What is an artistic legacy?

#58 – As Artists, we are not only standing on the shoulders of those who came before, but we are also providing a foundation for those who come after us.

Do artists think about how the artwork they create today might influence the artists of tomorrow? How does one go about preserving an artistic legacy?

Painter Ron Elstad definitely thinks of these things and it shows in his paintings. From the materials he uses, to his sense of composition and color, he is not only present in his work, but he honors the artists of the past who inspire him, and he is conscious of the legacy he leaves behind with each finished piece.

“I believe in producing the highest quality work possible,” Elstad said. “I do this not only because it’s in my nature, but because I want to be part of keeping our artistic heritage alive. I believe it’s very important that we as artists do our best to keep from diluting the quality of artwork which came before us. This is why I strive earnestly to produce the quality in my work to be no less than the equal of those masters of the-turn-of-the-last-century and before.”

Ron Elstad makes us realize that the work we create is a gift we leave behind for others and it is our duty to insure its potential for appreciation and study for many years afterward.

Painting of trees by Ron Elstad.
“A Celebration of Life” by Ron Elstad.

Description of the images included in this post:
Dawn of Assurance
Ron Elstad, California, USA
Oil on canvas

A Celebration of Life
Ron Elstad, California, USA
Oil on canvas

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