Day 40 – Drip Paintings and Spontaneous Acts

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 40 of the 365 Days Project is by Rosetta DeBerardinis.]

Splatter painting by Rosetta DeBerardinis
“Macho Man” by Rosetta DeBerardinis. Photo courtesy ©Rosetta DeBerardinis.

Creation is a (seemingly) spontaneous act.

#40 – Behind every “spontaneous” brush stroke is 10,000 hours of studio time.

As a child, I thought that all acts of creation were completely spontaneous. If I wanted to dance, I’d just move my arms and legs and I could be Twyla Tharp. When I first began to draw, I thought a work of art would miraculously appear beneath my pencil. But the end results never measured up to my expectations.

That’s when I began to learn that even the simplest of drawings would require years of honing my craft. In order to achieve that level of spontaneity that is a necessary component of creation, I will have to spend long hours in the studio.

Artists make it look easy. They seem to create with such facility that it’s tempting to think anyone can do it…..until you try it yourself. Jackson Pollock’s famous “drip paintings” broke many conventions and changed the course of American art, but they are often perceived as being easy to imitate. Pollock first began putting brush to canvas twenty years before experimenting with pouring and dripping paint on the canvas. If you closely explore those paintings, you’ll see all the years of experience in the layering, color and sense of composition that were already in his psyche to inform the “spontaneity.” It’s not as haphazard as one might initially believe and that aptitude didn’t happen overnight.

The act of creation is spontaneous, but superior work requires a proper foundation.

“I am doubtful of any talent so what I choose to be, will be accomplished only by study and long work.”
Jackson Pollock

“Usually it’s a pretty calculated, sustained, and slow process by which you develop something. The effect can be one of spontaneity, but that’s part of the artistry.”
Richard Estes

“I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident.”
Jackson Pollock

“I want to own a motif so that it flows from my hands effortlessly. That way, it’s still spontaneous; I just know where I’m going.”
Peter Fiore

Abstract painting by Rosetta Rosetta DeBerardinis
“Butterflies Are Free” by Rosetta DeBerardinis. Photo courtesy ©Rosetta DeBerardinis.

Rosetta DeBerardinis’ artwork can be viewed at: Rosetta DeBerardinis

Description of the images included in this post:
Macho Man
Rosetta DeBerardinis, Maryland
Acrylic, tempera, enamel

Butterflies are Free
Rosetta DeBerardinis, Maryland
Acrylic, tempera, enamel, stone

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