Dance – Day 32

Liquid Landscape Environment by Kimber Berry.
“Liquid Landscape Environment” at Huntington Beach Art Center by Kimber Berry. Copyright © Kimber Berry

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 32 of the 365 Days Project is by Kimber Berry]

Dance. If you want to dance, invite an artist.

#32 – Artists know how to dance. They dance with their paint, their forms, their words, their music.

I’ve always experienced life in full-blown living color. And it surprises me when I meet people who don’t. I want to set them loose in my studio so they can play for a while and perhaps begin to see what I see. 

I don’t leave my “Artist Mind” in the studio. It comes with me on road trips and on power walks in my neighborhood. I use it while I’m cooking dinner or looking for an eclectic restaurant. It can find fascination with back alleys as well as mountaintop vistas. It has taught me how to dance so that perhaps I can share that dance with others.

Artist Credits for the images included in this post:

Liquid Landscape #071711 by Kimber Berry
Liquid Landscape #071711 by Kimber Berry. Copyright © Kimber Berry

Images featured above:
Kimber Berry, California
Liquid Landscape at Huntington Beach Art Center
Mixed media

Liquid Landscape #071711
Mixed media on canvas

Kimber Berry’s artwork can be viewed at: Kimber Berry

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