When the Materials You Work With Choose YOU – Day 25

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 25 of the 365 Days Project is by Jan Hopkins.]

Sculpture of a female torso by Jan Hopkins
“Forbidden” by Jan Hopkins. Photo courtesy ©Jan Hopkins.

Artists often work in a variety of mediums, choosing the materials that best suit the artwork being created. But sometimes, the materials you work with choose YOU.

#25 – When the materials resonate with the Artist, they can also inform and strengthen the artistic intent.

I would never have logically chosen to create sculptural work with gourds. In the beginning of my career I experimented with numerous sculptural mediums – wood, cast plaster, ceramics – but it was a friend’s collection of lacquered gourd art from Olina, Mexico that forever changed the focus of my work. Holding one of the gourds in my hands, I immediately felt a connection that traveled up my arms and exploded in my heart. I had no clue what a gourd was nor how to work with it, but I was completely and inexplicably smitten. I have been using gourds in my work ever since, creating from a deep, rich place that I never found in any other medium.

As I learned the importance of choosing the materials I create with, I also honor my relationship with them so that they continue allowing me to speak through them in my work.

“To work with threads seemed sissy to me. I wanted something to be conquered. But circumstances held me to threads and they won me over.”
Anni Albers

“Understanding the materials I work with… gives me a deeper understanding of my place. And it’s helped me make sense of the changes that are happening to me as I grow older.”
Andy Goldsworthy

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Sculpture of a female form by Jan Hopkins
“Contemplation” by Jan Hopkins. Photo courtesy ©Jan Hopkins

Jan Hopkins’ artwork can be viewed at: Jan Hopkins

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Descriptions of the images included in this post:

Jan Hopkins, Washington, USA
Grapefruit peel, cantaloupe peel, yellow cedar bark, ostrich shell beads, waxed linen
(Photo credit: Ken Rowe)

Jan Hopkins, Washington, USA
Agave leaves, yellow cedar bark, waxed linen

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