Choosing – Day 25

Forbidden by Jan Hopkins
“Forbidden” by Jan Hopkins. Copyright © Jan Hopkins

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 25 of the 365 Days Project is by Jan Hopkins]

When your materials choose YOU…….

#25 – I didn’t choose the materials I use in my work, they somehow found me so that I could create from that deep, rich place that long-time artists know.

If my logical brain had anything to say about it, I wouldn’t be working with gourds. Or creating art for a living, or writing this blog. It took me many years, but I finally learned to listen to my Artist Mind and balance the two. And I learned the importance of honoring the materials I work with so that they might continue speaking through me.

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Artist Credits for the images included in this post:

Contemplation by Jan Hopkins
“Contemplation” by Jan Hopkins. Copyright © Jan Hopkins

Images featured above:
Jan Hopkins, Washington, USA

Grapefruit peel, cantaloupe peel, yellow cedar bark, ostrich shell beads, waxed linen
Photo credit: Ken Rowe

Agave leaves, yellow cedar bark, waxed linen

Jan Hopkins’ artwork can be viewed at: Jan Hopkins

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