Choosing a Subject – Day 23

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 23 of the 365 Days Project is by David Kreider.]

Woodburned portrait of a woman by David Kreider
“Love for a Fallen Eagle” by David Kreider. Photo courtesy ©David Kreider.

The highest form of compliment is to be the subject of a work of art.

#23 – An Artist honors a subject by creating a work of art about it.

Whether it’s a person or place, an idea or an emotion, an artist truly honors a subject by painting it, sculpting it, writing a poem about it. It is the highest form of compliment because the intense focus creates great energy around that subject, as well as the artist and the viewer of the finished piece.

This is why I am mindful about what I create. I carry the energy of the subject with me long after the work is complete. By choosing my subject carefully, I am also mindful of the people who will be experiencing my work. They too may carry its energy with them into their everyday lives. Whenever I walk into my studio to begin work, I always ask, “What am I going to honor today?”

“I feel the subjects I paint are far bigger than I am.”
Andrew Wyeth

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Woodburned image of a Jerusalem street by David Kreider
“Jerusalem Son” by David Kreider. Photo courtesy ©David Kreider.

David Kreider’s artwork can be viewed at KreiderArt Galleries.

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Descriptions of the images included in this post:

Love for a Fallen Eagle
David Kreider, Virginia, USA
Pyrography (woodburning) on poplar

Jerusalem Son
David Kreider, Virginia, USA
Pyrography (woodburning) on poplar

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