Abundance – Day 1

Pen an ink artwork by Rick Hunt
“Untitled” by Rick Hunt. Copyright Rick Hunt. All rights reserved.

[Today’s featured artwork for Day 1 of the 365 Days Project is by Rick Hunt]

After I wrote yesterday’s post, I started doubting the validity and purpose of the “365 Days  project. But when I woke up this morning and wrote down the first of what will be 365 affirmations, I felt profoundly connected to everything on this Earth.

So here it is! Abundance! Happy New Year!

#1 – The Artist Mind is infinitely abundant.

I never get just one new idea – it will always expand into ten new ideas. Or more. It overwhelms people sometimes, but what they don’t know is that I’m always sorting and sifting to see which one is the best. I prefer a multitude of choices to simply taking the first thing that comes along.

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Pen and ink artwork: "Walks with Drum" by Rick Hunt.
“Walks with Drum” by Rick Hunt. Copyright Rick Hunt.

Rick Hunt’s artwork can be viewed on Facebook: Rick Hunt

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The 365 Days Project

In 2012, Serena Kovalosky committed to writing an article a day for 365 days as an exploration into the lives of artists and the value of creative thinking in our society.

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Artist Credits for the images included in this post:

Rick Hunt, New Hampshire, USA
Pen and ink on paper

Walks with Drum
Rick Hunt, New Hampshire, USA
Pen and ink on paper

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  1. Ideas come in storms for me. It is an internal alignment. Time and practice has taught me not to discriminate bad from good ideas. Showing up to the idea is more important. Tending to creative ideas has been a personal failing. I have allowed so many seeds with their desire to be seen to drop forgotten rather than to care for them as one would a plant. To give nurture to an idea is a privilege of sorts. How many people have had an idea that they could not bring to fruition because of internal and external circumstances? How many potentially life changing ideas have been lost. To let ideas arrive, settle and walk away is a kind of spiritual negligence don’t you think?

    1. I love the phrase, “Ideas come in storms…!” They do indeed! I believe that we can’t possibly undertake all the ideas that float through our psyche. And even when I resonate to one of them, I sit with it a while to see if it has power for me. If not, I let it go.
      However, when there’s an idea that sticks around and I have the feeling, “I need to do this and I know I can” – even if I don’t have the means and don’t know how I’ll accomplish it – then that resonance creates a spark in the Universe which puts everything in place so I CAN make it happen. I may not have the finances or the circumstances in advance, but once I give in to trust and step in with both feet, then everything I need arrives in ways I would never imagine.
      Is it easy? No. There will be challenges, roadblocks, setbacks. But I always get what I need.
      I never wait for everything to be perfectly set up before I begin. I simply begin and the road appears….. – SerenaK

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