Beautiful, quality fine art reproductions from original paintings by artists featured in the upcoming Artful Vagabond film series.

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  1. Greetings, Serena I am sitting in my art studio, looking out at Bellingham Bay with sunshine slowiy awakening our day. I have spent the past 5-6 weeks, nursing a bonchitis or (whatever It was). During, this time, of solitude, it has given me a chance, to contemplate the quiet and changes I and, everyone have been thrust into. I’ve always loved my alone time. While, I have not picked up my paint brush, as I had thought I would, i have enjoyed, a since of calm. I’ve taken an online course called ‘Art2Life’. Nicholas lost everything during the 80’s recession. He recreated ‘Art2Life’ from scratch. I have thought of other artist’s such as my hairdresser, Mila Faulkner. She has delved into her painting with gusto and also her gardening. I believe out of this crisis, there will be amazing works of art created. Authors will be writing remarkable novels. There will be films made. There has been a remarkable community of citizens, who have stepped up to the plate, mask makers, neighborhood helpers, and lots of students who have made videos, to reach out to their peers. Teachers have learned to teach online, students are learning what it is to dive in and do what they need to do, for their and our future. The amazing creativity, that I see already, is what artists, makers, and futuristic thinkers naturally do. The challenges that you and other artists seem daunting, but, I see artists having amazing strength to forge ahead. That’s what they do. New art, new dreams, new re-creating is in your dreams and genes. Sending lots of positive from the West Coast to you. Susan

    1. How beautiful! Thank you, Susan, for the positive vibes from the West Coast! I hope you are feeling better!
      Thanks for sharing stories from the artists in your circle and online, reminding us to look around at the art and artists surrounding us – as well as appreciating the value of what artists and creatives in all mediums can offer as we move forward. Now is the time to listen to the creative ones!
      Hope to see you again next time you’re back on the East Coast.
      – SerenaK

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