The 365 Days Project

The 365 Days Project

The 365 Days Project began as  a year-long series of daily blog posts on life as a working artist, written by Serena Kovalosky. It eventually evolved into interviews with visual artists around the world, including India, Afghanistan, Belarus, Hong Kong, South America and Canada.


The goal of the project was to explore the artist’s role in our contemporary society and their unique offerings to the world, and to present artwork and the creative process in an informative and engaging way.

“I wanted the project to inspire artists to take a look at how they can remain relevant in today’s society,” says Kovalosky. The creative mind is crucial to navigating a rapidly-changing world and artists are the masters of managing creativity and change. We are needed now more than ever, yet neither artists nor art institutions have found a way to bring that knowledge to the general public in ways that honor an artist’s place in the community.”

This was also the first of Kovalosky’s projects to explore the relationship between art, culture and travel.

The project culminated in a fascinating interview with the legendary Angie Bowie, former wife of rockstar David Bowie.

Angie Bowie. Photo: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

The 365 Day Project provided the springboard for subsequent Artful Vagabond projects.

I applaud your vision, your insight and your perseverance in seeing this project through to completion. It has been a wonderful ride, and I thank you for exposing me to so many talented and inspiring artists as well as to the glimpses inside their varied processes.

M. Holland, artist & writer


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