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Artful Vagabond’s innovative cultural events and projects inspire, inform and generate plenty of “creative buzz.”

“Art is a great storyteller,” says Serena Kovalosky, who has used the creative arts to spark economic development, develop a “sense of place,” encourage dialogue and creative thinking and develop tourism, particularly in rural areas.

And make money for artists.

Artful Vagabond Productions welcomes collaborators on events that celebrate art and culture.


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Here is a selection of past Cultural Events and Projects by Artful Vagabond Productions:

SlateasMuse-LOGO-with-Background-300pxSlate as Muse National Art Exhibition

A juried selection of the nation’s finest sculptors and painters were invited to use slate as their creative muse for an exhibition in America’s “colored slate capital.”

Famed stonecarver Nicholas Benson, who carved the memorial inscriptions for the Martin Luther King Monument and Maya Lin’s “The Meeting Room,” created a large wall sculpture especially for the Slate as Muse exhibition and personally installed the piece.


Serena Kovalosky created, curated, produced and marketed the five-month Slate as Muse National Art Exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum which sparked awareness and brought tourism to a rural quarry town in the Slate Valley region of upstate New York.


Nineteen artists and twenty-seven works of art celebrated the material while pushing the boundaries of how slate is perceived.


Visitors to the Slate Valley Museum often assume that the slate industry no longer exists. In our modern era of man-made, mass-produced material, the slate industry has suffered some of the same issues exhibited throughout the country – that of a local product’s inability to compete in a global economy. Facilitated by the artistic use of slate, visitors to the Slate as Muse exhibition had the opportunity to see how a locally produced, natural product can maintain a place and contribute to the regional identity that is being lost in many places.

[Many of the works] bring about a visual aspect of the material that is rarely seen or even thought about.

…a truly unique exhibition experience – one that will be talked about for years to come.
Sarah Kijowski
Slate Valley Museum Interim Director

Master stonecarver Nicholas Benson with curator Serena Kovalosky


Open-Studios-LogoOpen Studios of Washington County Biennial

Open Studios of Washington County is a juried biennial that showcases the finest professional artists in Washington County, NY.

Serena Kovalosky tapped into the cultural wealth of the region and co-founded Open Studios of Washington County in 2005 with ceramic artist Brenda McMahon.

Open Studios

The event has become the visual arts cornerstone for the region, drawing collectors and art-lovers from throughout New York and New England. It is a substantial generator of tourism and art sales, insuring the rich artistic tradition of the area will continue to thrive. The 2017 Open Studios broke the six-figure mark, earning over $100,000 in art revenue over the weekend.

[Open Studios of Washington County] has found a way to make its studio tour a driver for fine art sales instead of just a scenic drive to the country.
Ligaya Figueras, “Professional Artist Magazine”


Open Studio - Varosy-Studio


Landscapes for Landsake

Landscapes for Landsake is the largest art exhibition in the region of southern Washington County, New York, drawing over 2,000 visitors from New York and Vermont in support of this annual fundraiser for the Agricultural Stewardship Association.

Serena Kovalosky was the 2012 guest curator who juried in over 300 works of art to be sold during the two-week event.


Kovalosky created a special and poignant “Tribute to Barns” in the downstairs gallery as a reminder of the disappearing farmland that the Agricultural Stewardship Association strives to protect.


Curator Serena Kovalosky cohesively celebrates the rich diversity of styles and media of the artists showcased.
Susan Brink, Nippertown


The 365 Days Project

The 365 Days Project began as  a year-long series of daily blog posts on life as a working artist, written by Serena Kovalosky. It eventually evolved into interviews with visual artists around the world, including India, Afghanistan, Belarus, Hong Kong, South America and Canada.


The project culminated in a fascinating interview with the legendary Angie Bowie, former wife of rockstar David Bowie.

Angie Bowie. Photo: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

The goal of the project was to explore the artist’s role in our contemporary society and their unique offerings to the world, and to present artwork and the creative process in an informative and engaging way.

The project provided the springboard for subsequent Artful Vagabond projects.

I applaud your vision, your insight and your perseverance in seeing this project through to completion. It has been a wonderful ride, and I thank you for exposing me to so many talented and inspiring artists as well as to the glimpses inside their varied processes.

M. Holland, artist & writer


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