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Artful Vagabond brings art, culture and tourism together through cultural projects, film and travel experiences.

Artful Vagabond began in 2009 as an art and travel blog by sculptor, cultural project developer and former travel professional Serena Kovalosky. Her writing attracted a loyal audience as the blog evolved into the 365 Days Project, a year-long series of interviews with visual artists around the world. Sculptors, painters, photographers and artists in a variety of mediums shared stories about their lives as artists, insights into the work they do, and a glimpse into how they “see.”

There are many kinds of art in this world. What makes the headlines as “elitist” art is far from the whole picture.SerenaK

“The goal,” Kovalosky says, “was to take a good look at what often separates art from the people it is supposed to serve and find a way to bust through the myths, stereotypes and sense of intimidation surrounding art and artists. There are many kinds of art in this world and what makes the headlines as ‘elitist’ art is far from the whole picture.”


The 365 Days Project provided the springboard for Kovalosky’s innovative cultural projects that explore the intersection of art, culture and travel. Her projects have promoted a cultural “sense of place,” brought substantial revenue and publicity to participating artists, generated art tourism, particularly to rural areas, and continues to redefine attitudes about art.

During a curatorial trip to the Canada’s Yukon Territory to explore a potential collaboration to bring Yukon artists to the United States, a new project emerged. As Serena Kovalosky traveled from studio to studio, visiting carvers, painters, a “shaman of the knives” and Native weavers, listening to their stories and experiencing the Yukon through its artists, she thought, “I should be filming this. . .”

Yukon artists

Upon her return, an extraordinary opportunity supported that vision: A local public access television station suggested that Serena launch her own film series and offered assistance.

Kovalosky assembled a film crew and began filming a pilot in upstate New York, featuring one of America’s top sporting artists, Adriano Manocchia. Part documentary, part reality show, the Artful Vagabond series will celebrate art the way the Food Channel celebrates food, as Serena Kovalosky presents some of the most fascinating artists and studios in North America. The pilot is currently in post-production.

Artful Vagabond Productions

Artful Vagabond continues to create and produce projects at the intersection of art, culture and travel. Watch for the launch of the Artful Vagabond film series as well as upcoming experiential travel packages in the arts.

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