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 “This film series exactly what we are waiting for….a deep dive into art-making.”

– Anne Sutherland, artist, creative entrepreneur

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Thanks to our generous donors, we’ve already raised over a third of our goal towards post-production expenses to finish the pilot for our exciting new docu-reality series that will explore the creative lives of artists in America.

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Visit out our new Donation Page on Fractured Atlas to find out how to become a sponsor and get your name in our film credits!

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Filming Adriano1 - Artful Vagabond-web
Behind the scenes filming “In Search of Magical Waters.”

Over 70 hours of stunning footage has already been filmed for the series pilot, In Search of Magical Waters, where art and angling come together in an artist’s search for “magical rivers” and his mission to paint them before they disappear.

Funds raised through donations and grants will pay for editing, color grading, music licensing, sound mix and mastering, additional filming, voice-overs and the creation of DVDs/Blu-Rays/DCP for screenings and distribution.

Adriano Manocchia Fishing. Copyright Artful Vagabond Productions

Journalist Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli captures the feeling of the film in a recent article in the Glens Falls Post Star:

The near slow-motion rising of the fly fisherman’s casting arc before its gentle, near-seamless descent into the river is at the same time Adriano Manocchia’s lure and his muse.

It is in the way his hand moves back and forth across the line before the cast, the way the early morning violet light spreads across the water’s ripples, that the artist eventually trades rod and an angler’s cunning for brush, palette and an Italian opera.

It is in this inspired push and pull that filmmaker Serena Kovalosky of Artful Vagabond Productions is hoping to capture the essence of Manocchia’s creative process in her film, “In Search of Magical Waters.”

Thank you for donating whatever you can to help bring this film to life!

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