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Artful Vagabond Hits the Road Poster

Artful Vagabond is a production-in-progress created, produced and written by Serena Kovalosky of Artful Vagabond Productions LLC. The show features a “road trip” concept with SerenaK as the on-camera host and tour guide, visiting the studios of America’s finest working artists.

SerenaK Title Still - Laughing

“I was inspired to produce a show that celebrates artists the way the Food Channel celebrates food,” says Kovalosky.

“But I don’t want to just sit and talk with them in their studios, I want to go where they go when they’re out looking for inspiration and follow them back to their studio to see how the creative process unfolds. Then we’ll all go to a fabulous gallery exhibition of their work, have some wine and talk about the art.”


In Search of Magical Waters

In Search of Magical Waters is the pilot episode, currently in post-production, featuring nationally-acclaimed sporting artist Adriano Manocchia.

SerenaK takes viewers on an extraordinary excursion including cigars, vintage cars and Italian opera along with fly-fishing and a search for “magical rivers” from the air, offering a glimpse inside the creative mind of this master painter whose fascination with water inspires his life and paintings.

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