Embracing Mistakes – Day 2

Organica by Serena Kovalosky
“Organica” by Serena Kovalosky. ©Serena Kovalosky

The sculptural piece pictured above is one of mine. It was a departure from my usual work, which made it a challenge to create and raised all sorts of doubts about my validity as an artist. What started off as a “mistake” ended up pushing the boundaries of my artistic practice. It’s the perfect image for today’s post on the 365 Days Project.

#2 – The Artist in me knows how to embrace my mistakes. As I learned to work through them over the years, I found they often become magnificent doorways to something I’ve never tried before, leading me to fascinating discoveries and truly unique work. If I’m not making “mistakes” once in a while, I’m playing it too “safe”.  

Artist Credits for the images included in this post:

Image featured above:
Serena Kovalosky, New York, USA
Carved gourds, gold alloy gilding, bitumen stain, pine cone petals

Portfolio: www.kovalosky.com

The 365 Days Project

In 2012, Serena Kovalosky committed to writing an article a day for 365 days as an exploration into the lives of artists and the value of creative thinking in our society.

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